What is temp mail?

A temporary email address is an email address, unlike Gmail, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, or other services that provided pre-make email without registration to that website. In addition, the expiration time of the mail is temporary. This means that after a specific time, the mail will vanish.

Usually, Temporary emails are used to avoid a considerable number of email lists for a user. It helps users to avoid receiving unwanted emails.

TempMailg is usually used to receive emails from social media or any promotional websites. You don't need to sign-up to get a new email address. That is why it will protect your personal information.
It does not require registration It is completely anonymous. All your personal details, address, and IP address are removed after the period of mailbox use is over. Messages are delivered instantaneously. An email address is generated automatically. You do not have to manually pick up a free hostname. Mailbox is fully protected from spam, hacking, and exploits.
To avoid unwanted promotional emails, spam mail, and malware, you need a temporary email address; TempMailg.CoM provides a temp email.
Disposable mail is a temporary email for a short period, and a standard email is a permanent email for an extended period. By using disposable mail, you will not get any unwanted promotional emails without signup.
The email address is valid until you delete it or until the service will delete it. A lifetime depends on many different factors. You can buy a premium email form here to get lifetime access to emails. Contact Us
TempMailg is completely free. If you enjoy the service, feel free to support us. Trustpilot Review
No, we will always have a free tier even though we are adding premium services.
We do not offer send functionality, as it is against the nature of disposable email addresses. You can receive an unlimited number of emails.
You can not send emails right now. It's only for receiving emails. Sending an email is completely disabled and we are not going to implement it due to fraud and spam issues.
Click the "Delete" Button on the home page and you will get a new temporary email.
Yes, they are displayed under the name of your mailbox. You can simultaneously see the sender, subject, and text of the letter. If your expected incoming emails do not appear in the list, press the button 'Refresh'.
TempMailg is being used for temporary check emails. It will be deleted after a period that can not be restored.
The temporary email generator randomly generates a unique username on one of our many randomly generated domain names. Once your email address is created, you can use it immediately, or you can create a new email address as often as you like.