Top 11 Reasons You Need Temporary Mail

Top 11 Reasons You Need Temporary Mail
Published in : 26 May 2022

Top 11 Reasons You Need Temporary Mail

Email seems pretty simple, right? you have got an email address, and you send or receive messages to or from that account, right? the truth is, you've got much more control over your email than you may think if you are the only 1 accessing it. If you're sharing your email with people you do not necessarily trust or share the same priorities with, there are better options out there than giving them full access to your email account. take advantage of those 10 reasons to use a temporary email instead.

You may be thinking to yourself, "Why would I want to use temporary email?", or perhaps you are not. But the great news is, I've got put together 7 reasons explaining what I think are pretty good excuses to begin using a temp email service like FakesMail. Check it out!

Confidentiality of a temporary address

Complete confidentiality is going to be provided from the instant you enter the website until you remove your email at a regular email is completely different:

When you register to get a daily email, you'll have to provide personal information. However, using a temporary email you don`t have to do it.
A regular email address will never delete your emails, while all the letters are automatically deleted after an hour once you are using a temporary email.
A regular email can`t be completely removed. On the other hand, disposable email gives you this feature without any problems.

1) To stay anonymous

Anonymity is something that's almost a myth online nowadays. It looks like everyone is keeping track of each move you make, every word you type, and every site you visit.

To quote one of my favorite movies, the hackers said, "You can sit at home, and do absolutely nothing, and your name runs like 17 computers a day." Sadly, that was both Hollywood and 1995. Now, it's probably 170,000 computers on a daily basis but the idea is the same.

Everywhere you go and everything you access, there is someone who wants or already has access to your personal information. a temporary email address won't keep you safe from this sad fact, but a minimum is one step you'll be able to take toward keeping anonymous.

Mostly all temporary email services give you a temporary, disposable email address no questions asked, able to use it immediately without the need to sign up or register anywhere. No filling out your name or anything of that nature.

2) To protect yourself from spam

A temporary email is great at protecting your actual "permanent" email address from all of that junk. Simply use your temp mail address anywhere you'd normally use your actual email address and that is it. Granted I would not suggest using it somewhere super important, but it's perfect to get access to an article that wants your email address to sell you something, or to get access to a forum as an example.

3) To keep your primary inbox clean

Keeping your actual inbox clean is important. As mentioned above, spam will be tough, but also actual solicited emails. Site updates and other trash make it exceptionally difficult every now and then to wrangle your email inbox.

A temporary email service like ours helps by easing the burden. If you discover yourself signing up for anything that you just might feel would be a prime candidate for annoying, constant emails, simply paste in your FakerMail address, and you're good to go.

4) To stay safe from malware

Another fascinating fact, this one from 2018, was that 1 out of every 101 emails was malicious. talk about a major bummer.

Now while nothing can really protect you from social engineering, or the other kind of pure text-based phishing scams, it's well-known the majority of exploits sent are email attachments.

Temporary mail helps protect you from viruses, trojans, malware, etc just because most services discard attachments. No attachments, no exploits. Crude, but extremely effective.

5) Creating a social media profile

Sometimes you would like to create a secondary Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, Twitter, etc account, but you only have one primary email address. If you try to use your primary email account to create another social media account, you will not be allowed to do so. This means that you will not be able to create a new account using your primary email address.

A disposable email is great for creating additional social media accounts for yourself.

6) Staying off unwanted mailing lists

Ever have to access something on the net just for them to need an email address to continue? you know when you enter your email address you're about to get on the world's worse mailing list known to man.

A disposable, temporary email is also great for this. Just toss that puppy in, get what you wish, and get right out of there.

7) Finding out who sold you out

Sometimes you'll be able to use your temporary email address to find out who is selling your information. When a temp mail address is generated, it's unique, so you know that after you all of a sudden begin getting a ton of spam emails on your 100% unique generated temporary email account, chances are wherever you used it's selling your info. Bummer, isn't it?

8) Shopping safely online

It's essential to take care when shopping online, especially when using a work email. while you might think your company's security systems protect you, remember that they will also see any personal information you send or receive through that address. Only authorized emails go to your inbox before entering sensitive information in a website checkout form. If all else fails and you believe a retailer is trying to steal your identity or MasterCard details, use a temporary email service such as Google's Gmail or Yahoo Mail until you'll be able to get things sorted out.

9) Stay safe online

When you're connected to a Wi-Fi network, giving your email address out is easy without realizing how dangerous it will be. it's going to seem harmless enough, but sharing your email address with strangers online isn't safe. the issue is privacy—if someone has your email address and somehow manages to crack your password, they could access all of your personal information, from emails to documents and photos, stored in cloud storage. Protect yourself by creating a temporary email to share sensitive data like MasterCard numbers or account passwords on public Wi-Fi networks. While services like Gmail offer two-step authentication for added security, a dedicated temporary email gives you peace of mind when trading personal information over an open network connection.

10) Connect with users

If you're looking to connect with users personally, temporary email addresses create an additional layer of privacy for those looking to stay their personal and professional communications separate. If you're running a company website and wish users to succeed in out with questions or feedback, it's essential that you have a way for them to do so anonymously. Companies can establish two-way communication channels with a free temporary email address while protecting user information and privacy. Creating strong customer relationships will help your business develop long-term value, in addition to ensuring that existing customers are retained by providing support whenever they have it.

11) Protect your loved ones

As you're preparing for your next adventure, think about those you like and the way you'll keep them safe. a way to do that's by creating a temporary email address. Your contact info isn't exposed once you register for a free email account through a reputable service. Suppose someone tries to reach you in an emergency and accidentally sends an email to your permanent address. in this case, it won't be delivered to its intended recipient because it'll go straight into your outbox first. Is an outbox full of messages from those who do not know where you are? talk about safety!